Chuī (吹) in Liu Zi Jue (六字诀)

As we are in winter now, during our MMQG Qi Gong practice we will focus on a specific part of the Liu Zi Jue (六字诀), or Six Healing Sounds.

The theory

This part is the one associated to this season, of course, and it’s called Chuī (吹).
This sounds like “shuee”, and it reminds you of fresh water running through the body. The associated TCM idea is making use of water element to keep up Kidney’s Qi and to cleanse the Kidney itself. Color is blue/black like in a dark night, season is winter and direction is north.

Sound: Chuī (吹)
Associated Organ: Kidney
Associated Element: Water
Associated Season: Winter
Associated Color: Blue/Black
Associated Direction: North

How to practice

Position: From a standing position, inhale from the nose and move your hands in a wide circle, palms facing down, and bring the hands over the kidneys, at the Yaoyan point, fingers facing down. Look forward, to a point close to your feet. While slightly squatting down, bring your hands forward, pams facing one each other, like if you were holding a ball.

Sound: Round the lips slightly and slowly exhale while making the sound Chui. Keep the tongue in the back part of the mouth and keep your teeth parallel. Simultaneously contract your abdomen, pulling it inwards. Imagine any fear, sickness, imbalances being squeezed out of the kidneys’ area.

Repeat four times, pronouncing Chui six times. This exercise alleviates fear, fatigue, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, back pain, bladder or urinary infection, or problems of the reproductive system.

Meditation for students


As the exam season approaches, many students begin to feel the need for practices that can help them get rid of stress, anxiety, and fears. Meditation is a natural, easy-to-follow practice that can give immediate and long-lasting benefits to students.

Learning how to meditate is something that can be done in a few guided sessions, and requires no previous experience. Also, what the student is required to do to get results it’s taking 10 minutes every day to meditate. No difficult task, no need to leave your favorite place, no special dress required.

Just some commitment.

That’s the reason why there is an increasing number of educational institutions that, having in mind the wellness and the positive impact on their students’ academic results, are offering meditation to them.

So, as soon as you start to experience stress, fears, anxiety in your exam period or some lack of motivation and commitment…

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Happiness in Business Workshop

Raffaello Palandri's Blog

My friend and coaching partner Daniel Riethhas invited me at the TRÄUMEN & MACHEN Festival 2020 in Rothenburg odT, where I will hold a Workshop about #HappinessInBusinessand employees’ and companies’ responsibility towards top performance and continuous improvement.

Image may contain: text that says "TRÄUMEN MACHEN Festival 2020 28.03.20 @ "Zum Ochsen" Rothenburg odT Powered by Wagner"

Here is the amazing introduction he did:

Happiness Coach & Autor, erfolgreicher Consultant für Unternehmen und Regierungen, Meister in Meditation, Achtsamkeit, Qi Gong, fernöstlicher Kampfkunst und Philosophie – klingt erst mal krass. Ist er auch!
Raffaello Palandriwird uns beimTRÄUMEN & MACHEN Festival 2020näher bringen, wie Unternehmen durch die Ermächtigung der Mitarbeiter Profite steigern und Kosten senken können.#HappinessInBusinessist messbar.
Zudem lernen wir unsere eigene Verantwortung kennen und was wir dazu beitragen müssen, um gesund und glücklich zu leben und zu arbeiten.
✅Workshop: Happiness in Business, 11h30-12h30

Happiness Coach & Writer, successful consultant for companies and governments, Master of Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, Eastern Martial Arts…

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Why MMQG is right for you

The Happiness Coach

So, you are interested in practicing meditation, or mindfulness, or perhaps both of them. You have done your research online, you have asked your friends and possibly tried some app. But you are not fully satisfied.

As there are plenty of meditation or mindfulness courses, both in person or online and as there are many things that can come to mind, I want to show you how MMQG can be your best option.

The actual scenario

What does an MMQG course offer, that’s missing from most meditation and mindfulness offerings?

Today you can find many free or inexpensive courses, apps, lessons, seminars, webinars and so on that promise to teach you how to practice meditation or mindfulness.

Each of these offers has good things in it, but none is as complete as MMQG ones.

Let’s check together some key points and assumptions:

There is no worldwide certification program for…

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25% off all MMQG Courses and Lessons

It’s the end of the year, and I want to let you try the benefits of MMQG, offering a 25% discount on all the lessons and courses.

Thus, the monthly fee for the courses will be only 60€ and the 2hr lesson will be 16.50€!

Drop me an email at for the individual lessons offers.

MMQG is the Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong practice designed to help you getting a healthier, wealthier and happier life by getting rid of stress, anxiety, self-sabotaging habits.

You will be able with just a few lessons to start getting consistent, long lasting results.

Remember: happiness is a habit you can learn, develop, and use.

So, choose to be happy and ask Raffaello Palandri how to do it.

The offer is valid from December 1st to 31st.

The first MMQG course in Germany is up and running

The first-ever MMQG course in Germany is now up and running all Sunday morning, from 10 to 12 at Sushumna Healing Space in Mittlere Kanalstrasse 29, Nuremberg.

MMQG Course in Nuremberg

You can join the course at any time, simply joining one of the practice classes.

MMQG is MeditationMindfulness, and Qi Gong and is a highly effective tool to get rid of stress, anxiety, self-sabotaging habits and to start achieving a healthier, wealthier, and happier personal and professional life.

MMQG is a set of exercises put together by Raffaello Palandri, an Italian happiness coach now living in Germany, in more than 25 years of practice and study.

Remember: you can decide to stop reacting to what happens in your life and start acting, by choosing to create new habits.

If you are in the Nuremberg area, you could also contact Raffaello to ask for private lessons or, if you have a business, and you want to see how MMQG can effectively help you in your company, drop him an email.

Happiness is a habit you can learn, develop, and use.

Why I am a happiness coach

They ask me why am I a happiness coach, and how meditation, mindfulness, Qi Gong are related to this.

Well, life is not easy, neither is fair.

Yet I am grateful.

Why again?

I am an introvert. I am not the one who will come at meetings, events, shows, parties, dinners out. And not because I don’t like you. But because I am not comfortable with being where I cannot have my time to think, to be alone.

Yet, if you ask me if I like to be on stage and speak in front of a lot of people, well, I love it!And I love being with people teaching and sharing ideas. Probably not at night, or late afternoon, as I am an early morning animal.

I wake up really early in the morning and I am alive until 7pm maximum. After that time I am sleepy and tired. Very often, you will never convince me to get out in the afternoon, if it’s not for teaching or speaking.

Then, you asked about meditation and mindfulness. I practice them since when I was 14. It was hard at the beginning, it took a lot before I could even calm myself. Even more, before I started understanding myself better. But, every single minute I spent meditating or practicing mindfulness has helped me accepting all the times I screwed up my life.
And yes, it happened more than some time.

And then Qi Gong, that is just the tip of the iceberg of my lifelong martial arts learning, practicing, and teaching (!)

Teaching! Did I tell you I love it?

Yes, because very very often the ones I taught to come out to become way better than me, and I LOVE it!

Qi Gong.
Martial arts.

Things that let me grew up, thanks to my teachers (teachers, again!)

So, meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong (I call them MMQG) have saved me from banging my head on a wall during a lifetime.They gave me more than I gave them, for sure. They allowed me to be happy for being alive, with all my allergies, with all my defects, with all my mistakes.

That’s why I am grateful.

And that’s why I am a happiness coach, too.

I want to help you become better than how you are now, I want to help you avoid some of the mistakes I painfully did. I want you to become better than me at being happy.

That’s why I teach MMQG and I coach at Yourself, Understood.

Self-Exploration and Self-Acceptance through meditation and mindfulness

The Happiness Coach

Are you joining me tomorrow afternoon to discover Self-Exploration and Self-Acceptance through meditation and mindfulness?

You could stop your self-sabotaging habits, develop confidence, grow your creativity, expand your mind, and live happier.

We will meet at Sushumna Healing Space in Nuremberg, from 17:00 to 18:30

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