Dai-Hara Kizendo is a Qi Development and Qi Gong Study Program.

Qi 氣 , is the universal active principle, the energy forming part and nourishing any living thing.

The Qi ideogram, , is often translated as “breath”, “air”, or “gas”, and it represents the energy, the life force, or the well being.

Qi represents the central principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in martial arts.

Dai Hara Kizendo is a complete personal development program developed by Raffaello Palandri in more than 25 years of meditation, mindfulness, and martial art practice. This program is designed to be the physical part of the Yourself, Understood Happiness Coaching method, that aims at helping people getting a healthier, wealthier, happier work/life balance by using the so called MMQG triad: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong.

Dai-Hara Kizendo is based in Nürnberg.

You can contact us at: daiharakizendo@gmail.com