Free Copy of Ba Duan Jin to boost your immune system

Free To Achieve

I decided to offer a free PDF with the MMQG KizendoBa Duan Jin routine to help to boost your immune system during this COVID-19 Pandemics outbreak.

Ba Duan Jin(The eight pieces of brocade) – 八段锦 is one of the most effective exercises of Qi Gong and you will get the version that is being used by MMQG, developed by Raffaello Palandri.

This is an excerpt from “Free to Achieve – Introduction to the Yourself, Understood Method”, a book by Raffaello Palandri, coach, consultant, MMQG founder.
MMQG is Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong. It represents the physical component of the Yourself, Understood Method.

Feel free to use and distribute this document, always sharing the source.

Message me to get it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is free-copy-of-the-mmqg-ba-duan-jin.png

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