Chuī (吹) in Liu Zi Jue (六字诀)

As we are in winter now, during our MMQG Qi Gong practice we will focus on a specific part of the Liu Zi Jue (六字诀), or Six Healing Sounds.

The theory

This part is the one associated to this season, of course, and it’s called Chuī (吹).
This sounds like “shuee”, and it reminds you of fresh water running through the body. The associated TCM idea is making use of water element to keep up Kidney’s Qi and to cleanse the Kidney itself. Color is blue/black like in a dark night, season is winter and direction is north.

Sound: Chuī (吹)
Associated Organ: Kidney
Associated Element: Water
Associated Season: Winter
Associated Color: Blue/Black
Associated Direction: North

How to practice

Position: From a standing position, inhale from the nose and move your hands in a wide circle, palms facing down, and bring the hands over the kidneys, at the Yaoyan point, fingers facing down. Look forward, to a point close to your feet. While slightly squatting down, bring your hands forward, pams facing one each other, like if you were holding a ball.

Sound: Round the lips slightly and slowly exhale while making the sound Chui. Keep the tongue in the back part of the mouth and keep your teeth parallel. Simultaneously contract your abdomen, pulling it inwards. Imagine any fear, sickness, imbalances being squeezed out of the kidneys’ area.

Repeat four times, pronouncing Chui six times. This exercise alleviates fear, fatigue, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, back pain, bladder or urinary infection, or problems of the reproductive system.

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