Why MMQG is right for you

The Happiness Coach

So, you are interested in practicing meditation, or mindfulness, or perhaps both of them. You have done your research online, you have asked your friends and possibly tried some app. But you are not fully satisfied.

As there are plenty of meditation or mindfulness courses, both in person or online and as there are many things that can come to mind, I want to show you how MMQG can be your best option.

The actual scenario

What does an MMQG course offer, that’s missing from most meditation and mindfulness offerings?

Today you can find many free or inexpensive courses, apps, lessons, seminars, webinars and so on that promise to teach you how to practice meditation or mindfulness.

Each of these offers has good things in it, but none is as complete as MMQG ones.

Let’s check together some key points and assumptions:

There is no worldwide certification program for…

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