Why I am a happiness coach

They ask me why am I a happiness coach, and how meditation, mindfulness, Qi Gong are related to this.

Well, life is not easy, neither is fair.

Yet I am grateful.

Why again?

I am an introvert. I am not the one who will come at meetings, events, shows, parties, dinners out. And not because I don’t like you. But because I am not comfortable with being where I cannot have my time to think, to be alone.

Yet, if you ask me if I like to be on stage and speak in front of a lot of people, well, I love it!And I love being with people teaching and sharing ideas. Probably not at night, or late afternoon, as I am an early morning animal.

I wake up really early in the morning and I am alive until 7pm maximum. After that time I am sleepy and tired. Very often, you will never convince me to get out in the afternoon, if it’s not for teaching or speaking.

Then, you asked about meditation and mindfulness. I practice them since when I was 14. It was hard at the beginning, it took a lot before I could even calm myself. Even more, before I started understanding myself better. But, every single minute I spent meditating or practicing mindfulness has helped me accepting all the times I screwed up my life.
And yes, it happened more than some time.

And then Qi Gong, that is just the tip of the iceberg of my lifelong martial arts learning, practicing, and teaching (!)

Teaching! Did I tell you I love it?

Yes, because very very often the ones I taught to come out to become way better than me, and I LOVE it!

Qi Gong.
Martial arts.

Things that let me grew up, thanks to my teachers (teachers, again!)

So, meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong (I call them MMQG) have saved me from banging my head on a wall during a lifetime.They gave me more than I gave them, for sure. They allowed me to be happy for being alive, with all my allergies, with all my defects, with all my mistakes.

That’s why I am grateful.

And that’s why I am a happiness coach, too.

I want to help you become better than how you are now, I want to help you avoid some of the mistakes I painfully did. I want you to become better than me at being happy.

That’s why I teach MMQG and I coach at Yourself, Understood.

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