Happiness in the Park – End of Summer Report

Some hard data about this 2019 Summer of Happiness in the Park.

It was a success!!

We met 13 times, practicing MMQG (Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong) for 26 hours (for free!).

We had more than 65 different people attending the meetings, and we have more than 300 people who are signed on our Meetup, Nebenan, and Facebook groups.

It has been an amazing experience, meeting so many people, sharing the idea that Happiness is not just an empty word, but can be learned, developed, and used, as a habit.

As a happiness coach, I am proud of all of you, who came, tried, shared a little part of your life journey with me. If I managed to let you have at least 2 hours of a healthier, wealthier (in the sense you prefer material or spiritual), happier life, I will have reached my goal.

Thank you!

PS: It’s not the end! We will start meeting at Sushumnā Healing Space from the next Sunday. How do you like the name … Happiness in the Studio?

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