Happiness in the Park, weekly meeting

Join us Sunday, September 8th in Rosenaupark, Nuremberg, from 10 to 12, to practice MMQG: Meditation, Mindfulness and Qi Gong. Bring your happiness, too!

This will be the 11th Happiness in the Park weekly meeting!!!

Happiness in the Park logo
Happiness in the Park

As usual, we will practice Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong (MMQG for short) for a couple of hours, but, most important of all, we will be practising shared happiness!

This week we will practice part of the Liu Zi Jue – 六字訣 (Six Healing Sounds) and the Ba Duan Jin – 八段錦 (Eight Pieces of Brocade).

MMQG stands for Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong

We will be able to meet us in person, share with you our happiness, and let this amazing group grow.

Dress casually and comfortable, of course.

Bring with you a small mat, or a tarp, to sit on the grass, some water to remain hydrated, a notebook if you want to take notes.

So, bring your happiness to share!


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