Be present

One of the key issues in today’s life is that we often are not aware of ourselves and of the environment all around us.

I suggest here 3 easy exercises to help you be present. These quick and effective exercises can be made everywhere. Start when you are in a comfortable place and when you learn the technique, use it every time you need it.

Feet on ground

It’s a very easy technique, highly effective and it takes just a minute.

Sit or stand, relax your body breathing deeply. Bring your awareness, all of it, on the sole of your feet. Feel the ground, feel the pressure your feet put on it and how the ground feels (cold/hot, hard/soft ?).

Drive your full attention to your sensations.

Time: 1 minute.

Observe your breath

The second technique can be done just after the first one or as a single exercise.

Sit or stand, feet shoulder apart. Close your eyes and keep it close during all the exercise. When you inhale, observe the air that enters through your nose and feel it while it fills your lungs. Exhaling, observe your lungs that become empty while keeping your mouth slightly open.

The more you will practice this technique, the more it becomes effective. The goal of this exercise is to observe the breath instead of forcing it. Let your thoughts pass through your mind without any attachment. You should aim at letting your body and your mind reach unity through breathing.

Time:  starting from 5 minutes up.

Becoming a tree

Stand with your feet parallel at shoulder’s width apart. Let the weight of your body settle towards the ground, relaxing all the muscles. Keep your head straight like if you had a rope from your top-head keeping it up; leave your chin naturally tucked, and let the spine straighten through relaxation. Keep your hands over your hara (over your navel).

Let all the body center itself on its center of gravity, that is right under your first chakhra (your perineus) and in a point on the ground between your feet. Release all muscular tension and let your energy freely flow through your feet.

You need to imagine being a tree, with your feet being your roots. You keep your ki (your vital energy) from the ground and absorb it. Your body will be the trunk, stable and rooted. Imagine your head being the leafs, that get the positive energy from the sun, releasing all the negative energy breath after breath.

The most stunning benefit of this exercise, is an increase in physical and mental energy, achieved trough a proper body posture. A correct posture relieves fatigue as it allows a correct ki/energy flow in the body.

Time: from 5 minutes up.


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