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Welcome to the Dai-Hara Kizendo Qi Development & Qi Research School!

With the Dai-Hara Kizendo Qi development and Qi Gong method you can fight stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, low self-esteem, lack of commitment and more.

Start improving yourself and your life with the Dai Hara Kizendo Qigong.

Soon: online Qi Gong courses.


With the help of the Dai Hara Kizendo Qi Gong I have been able to cope with chronic pain and anxiety issues.

Learning the exercises is really easy, and by practising them for 15 minutes a day I have been able to reduce my pain and start again moving freely.
As soon as I feel the pain coming back, I follow the instruction that Raffaello gave me and in few minutes I am able to relax, avoiding anxiety to overcome my daily activities.

I can recommend it as one of the most effective holistic approaches to improve with easy practices your health. 

Anto, artist

At 70, you think you must spend spend the rest of your life with pain, muscle stiffness, high blood pressure. Then, one day, I met Raffaello during one of his seminars.

I was highly sceptical about this “vital energy” he was speaking about, as I thought it was one of those New Age things I have seen on TV.
The first day of the seminar Raffaello started with relaxation … and I almost fell asleep!

When I tried Qi Gong I was surprised: my back pain were eased immediately. At the end of the seminar, I started following the advice I received, so I started walking, eating less, sleeping better and in 3 months I have lost 20 pounds, my heart improved, my pressure has lowered.

I think that as I have been able to improve, anyone else can do it.

Vinny, accountant

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